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Pinnacle Technical Services

Experiencing IT Hardware trouble contact Pinnacle Technical today for exceptional support for your home or business technology products.

Pinnacle Technical services offering includes a warranty and breaks/fix repairs on most brands of hardware, not limited to only depot repairs.

We are an authorized repair centre for the following brands:

  • Proline
  • Lenovo ( Think/ Idea/ Legion ranges)
  • Supermicro
  • Hikvision (Runrate items)
  • ASUS

Break/fix is dependent on parts availability

Pinnacle technical offers exceptional technical skill and knowledge at all of our branches nationally to assist with your hardware repair needs. We ensure that our technical staff are able to deliver the exceptional by continually providing training and maintaining their expert skills to ensure faster repair turnaround times.

Our first-time-repair rates are among the best in the industry



Call desk contact details:

Telephone number: 011 081 3000
Email: [email protected]

Office hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00

Don’t forget to enquire about our range of extended warranty options available


Pinnacle Technical Centre Terms and Conditions

Pinnacle Technical Centre Terms and Conditions

  1. All defective merchandise within the respective warranty period and out of the relevant DOA period returned to Pinnacle must be returned with all accessories to enable assessment and repairs.
  2. A copy of the original invoice may be requested on products and a copy of the consumer invoice / Proof of Delivery will be required if the warranty has expired from Pinnacle invoice to the client or outside the relevant Defective-On-Arrival (DOA)or CPA period.
  3. All returned goods require a full fault description for efficient diagnosis.
  4. All items that are booked in will be entered onto a tracking system and a tracking number will be generated and supplied on a job card.
  5. All accessories must be verified by the client on the job card when booking the item into the Pinnacle Technical Department.
  6. Pinnacle`s sole obligation is to repair or replace the defective product.
  7. There is no warranty for uninterrupted or error-free operation.
  8. There is no warranty for loss of data and it is recommended that data be backed up on a regular basis.
  9. Data Recovery is not covered under the warranty and is not part of the warranty process.
  10. There is no warranty for product with removed or altered identification labels and/or serial numbers.
  11. The warranty does not cover physical damage, liquid damage, abuse, misuse, alteration, neglect, tampering, improper maintenance, improper installation, work done by unauthorised service centres, insect infestations, and power-related issues from external sources resulting in component damage/failure including telecommunication line feedback.
  12. In the case of warranty not being covered according to the terms and conditions or the product exceeds the relevant warranty period, a quote will be provided to repair the product and is subject to spare availability.
  13. No quotation will be accepted without an official purchase order number or proof of payment received via email in order to proceed with a repair
  14. Re-quotations, if necessary, can be sent when any further faults are diagnosed after the original quoted part has been replaced – LABOUR rate will not be affected in re-quotation.
  15. Quotations are valid for 5 working days only.
  16. A 3-month carry-in workshop hardware warranty applies to the repair work undertaken in accordance with the quote acceptance and date of invoice or the balance of the remaining original warranty period for Pinnacle authorised repair products where applicable.
  17. The respective warranty of the product starts from the Consumer purchase date
  18. All replacement of products within its respective warranty period, will resume warranty from the original purchase date of the Consumer and is bound to its original warranty period and will carry the balance thereof.
  19. Repaired items or items that have been declared irreparable, must be collected within 90 days of notification. Failure to collect may result in the item being sold to defray any cost incurred.
  20. The job card is to be presented when collecting items in order to validate the collection.
  21. Third-Party collections need to be accompanied by a collection authorisation letter and a copy of the collecting party’s ID / Drivers’ License
  22. Goods repaired at Pinnacle are subject to an estimated 3 business day turnaround time depending on parts availability.
  23. Named goods and goods that Pinnacle are not authorised to repair, such as HP/DELL/Samsung/Sony/Fujitsu etc. carry a vendor support warranty, repair structure and turnaround time which is bound and supported by the vendor and their respective agents. Where applicable, assessment fees/quote rejection fees are payable to the repair agent before the release of the item.



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