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Today’s networks are diverse, sprawling and complex and having to support more data-rich applications, devices and users than ever before is making network management much more of a challenge. With the advent of automation and IoT – many IT teams are struggling to achieve visibility, speedy troubleshooting and cost-efficient management of their multi-gig network.

How do you remain ahead of the complexity to be able to deliver the best end user experience? And how can you manage it without exceeding your resource constraints?

RUCKUS Cloud enables lean IT to deliver amazing user experiences while making it simple to manage a converged wired and wireless network. Request a trial or alternatively, if you’d like to discuss our RUCKUS Cloud solution further you can request a call. 



Five great reasons you should adopt cloud-managed networking.


Case study: Torfs and Ruckus Cloud


Our customer Torfs, a leading digital innovator in the retail space, used RUCKUS Cloud across their growing estate, to offer in-store public Wi-Fi and digitize their stock management system remotely across 80 stores.


eBook: Top 10 must-ask questions


Knowing how the Cloud can solve your network challenges is only half the battle, it pays to ask the right questions and make sure that your cloud-managed networking solution not only has high performing infrastructure behind it, but also provides the superior connectivity, enabling you to deliver an amazing experience to your end users whilst meeting the SLAs that your business demands.

Take the complexity out of deploying and managing your network, with complete investment protection and remain ahead with a single source of network truth with RUCKUS Cloud.


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RUCKUS Cloud is an AI-enabled network management-as-a-service platform that enables lean IT to deliver amazing user experiences while making it simple to manage a converged wired and wireless network. Request a trial.


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CommScope innovates across wired technologies, as well as wireless, to enable awesome customer experiences. Our RUCKUS ICX family of fixed form-factor switches work together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimize troubleshooting and make upgrades easy. Our low-latency, the non-blocking architecture ensures excellent throughput for the most demanding applications.

ICX switches work seamlessly with RUCKUS Wi-Fi access points, RUCKUS SmartZone network controllers, and RUCKUS Cloud to deliver the most performance and cost-effective unified wired and wireless access solutions on the market today.

Whether you're deploying a standalone switch, a stack, or a fabric network, you’ll reap the benefits of CommScope performance, flexibility, and investment protection.

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